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The BEst Talent Show In the world


Our Goal is to create a world where no artist is starving. WE want to provide the performers of our time the tools they need to succeed: The stage and knowledge. 

the show

The People's Talent Show is a new type of talent show. 


How it works:


We choose 7 of your Communities best


3 judges choose the top 2


The Audience chooses the third


top 3 perform again

we crown the people's talent show champion


They win $1500.00


The People's Talent Show Trophy

Our integrated and customized app is our judging tool, streaming portal, show audition submission hub, audition/job hub and most proudly our e-learning platform: the people's talent show academy.


Our app provides a way for everyone to learn artist craft and the "business" of show business. Education and opportunity are equality. Historically, Artist and performers have the highest educational cost and the largest deficit of educational resources post-graduation. For performers that can't attend school. the drudge of building their career can be even harsher.


We can change that and bring democracy back to talent.  Our app is still under development please visit our gallery for frame examples of what we will bring equality to performance.





The People's Talent Show ™ 


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ask questions later.

 The Peoples Talent Show est 2018