our Mission

We provide the World's Best Talent Show. We give stage to the stage less, allowing local talent to shine, and empowering the community to choose the great Performers of tomorrow. We envision a world with no starving artist.

Who We are

The People's Talent Show is the future of talent competition and performer development. We elevate the old-school talent show with high production live events for Millennial/Gen-X families. Our integrated app streams live shows and is a learning platform for performers. We envision a world with no starving artist. We sell admission to our events, advertisement to our live and online audience, and subscription to our self-paced e-learning platform.

Mary A. McElya is the Founder/CEO/President and sole owner of The People's Talent Show. Her education includes a B.A. in Film and Media from Temple University. She has studied theater, stage production, and music. She understands all aspects of spectacle and show, understanding the needs of Performers and how to pull the best performance out of them. She also understands that the customer is key and their experience is everything

The People's boss

 The Peoples Talent Show est 2018